Glory to the Capital! (Kringe's Campaign)

The Next Step

Part 1: Skirmish Detail
The skirmish raged on over the rebellion base. The battle could have gone either way. Dante and Kaean both sustained injuries and had to be pulled out of the battle. The rebels starting taking heavy losses. Then suddenly, Vaelin and a small unit of heavy infantry and a Tech kingdom tank arrived and helped turn the tide of the battle. They charged in and began cutting down the Capital troops. With reinforcements, the Rebels morale soared. Vishrak’s railguns struck the enemy from afar, Vicorin’s infantry drove the Capital’s calvary back. Syphilis and his mages summoned a strange array of creatures that decimated Capital troops and tanks alike. With the turn of battle, Takada took a debilitating injury but still managed to charge the enemy’s general and strike him down finishing the battle.

Part 2: The Next Step
After the battle, the Adventures rested and quickly left the rebel camp and headed back to the rebels Eastern Camp . There, they argued over the next course of action. To eliminate the necromancer and his undead horde, or find a way to disband/kill the bard and his cult following. Ultimately, the group decided to take their chances with the Necromancers Horde. They returned to White Haven and found the Paladin commander of the The Order of Delskar. He informed the adventurers of their difficulties to suppress and destroy the evil horde. The adventurers quickly moved onto the cave in which the Necromancer is believed to be leading from. They decimated the outer caves defenses noting that some of their enemies were turned Paladins. They marched into the cave, found a large room littered with skeletons and turned Paladins. But most importantly, Vicorin recognized the face of one of the enemies. The group with weapons drawn, prepared to charge headfirst into the unknown.



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