Seldaea(sell-DAY-uh) is one of the Valmiran Freehold’s most hostile and breath-taking environments. Bordered on the north by the Kirdan Mountains, to the south by the Great Wall, to the west by the Capitol Hold of Valmira, and to the east by the Azure coast.

It’s people are sun bathed and wear flowing, colorful robes. They are typically either quite blunt and short minded or silver-tongued and playful. They are as a whole untrusting, disliking of technology, and distrusting of Valmira. Valmira takes warriors from each tribe and city alike as tribute for their protection, keeping the neighboring holds from invading and conquering the hold.

Seldaea’s geography is arid for the most part with a few fertile river valleys here and there where cities have survived or been built since the cataclysm. From lush green fields and forests, to red mesas and deserts, to black glass craters frozen like a splash in a pond. This glass is another commodity, but a hard to get one, seeing as how the elves native to the land were turned to mindless savages during the cataclysm and guard these sources of beauty to the death.

Ancient History
Seldaea was long ago home to the Sildevans, a group of elves who lived in harmony with the forests of what was then called Sildeva. Settlers from the north came, fleeing for better farmland, but settling in Sildeva once realizing the life to be carved out in this land. They spoke early northern which later branched off from what became the common toungue, only slightly different in sound and only used between Seldaeans.

Recent History
During the reign of Roegar the Wise(Posthumously Roegar the Short Sighted) magical devices called Attenuators were built. Channeling energy used in magic to create usable energy for light, heat, and even communication. These were built at the behest of the Capitol in order to surpass the technology of Cagolabor Akudel. They succeeded for a few decades, renewable energy seemed to be the next step in Magitechnology.

In an attempt to finish off the tech race Roegar sought to connect attenuators, which had been used to create communication lines within cities for the wealthy, to one another. This would let cities communicate in seconds what would take days rides to achieve. On the day of the “Great Connecting”, as it was then called, something went wrong.

One attenuator overloaded, and leveled it’s city; vaporizing people, glassing the city in a glass crater, and sending a burst of Mana through the air for dozens of miles. This surge went down the wires and soon every connected city became a crater besides one that managed to cut it’s feed.

Since this day, known as the cataclysm of Seldaea, the people of this country lead very different lives. Where once abundances were observed within the forests now only a few towns of this wasteland deprived of vegetation aren’t arid. Where once kingdoms sat peacefully now only seven city states and many tribal camps lay. Where once nobles led by blood right, with the exception of some city states, most rule by blood. Only hardened warriors, great thieves, and cunning liars come from Seldaea, a wasteland once great.


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